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What is a B & B and rules to be respected

The B&B is a private house of which a part is available to guests, offering accommodation and breakfast, included in the room price. There are general rules to be respected for a pleasant and peaceful cohabitation:
• Unless otherwise agreed, the arrival is expected after 2 pm and the day of departure the room must be vacated by 10.00 am. The check in is however by appointment and we must agree for a presentation time. Arriving to the structure without having advised about the arrival time can cause long waits. This misunderstanding can not be a reason for complaints or claims for reimbursement.
• Upon arrival you will be given the keys to the room and to the front door. In case of loss of this we will be forced to ask you a refund of 50 euros for the replacement as a special key.
• The payment of the balance of your stay will be requested upon your arrival at the time of registration and will not be returned in case of early departure.
• When you go out, always turn off the lights and electrical appliances and always close the windows. Shots of wind and rain can come suddenly.
• Tell us immediately if something is wrong.
• Take care of the furnishings and facilities of the B & B, otherwise you will be charged for the costs of ruined or dirty things.
• Avoid speaking loudly or making noises especially from 11.00 to 8.00.
• It is forbidden to smoke in all the rooms and light candles or appliances for cooking.
• It is forbidden to eat in the room. For your snacks use the tables in the breakfast room.
• It is forbidden to take breakfast foods away from the buffet.
• It is forbidden to bring unregistered persons into the house if you have not asked permission to do so before.
• No pets allowed.
• No use of alcohol or other drugs. Otherwise the police will be notified.
• Failure to comply with these prohibitions will result in expulsion from the B&B without any kind of reimbursement.
Do as you would like your guests to behave in your home and .... happy holidays!

Booking and cancellation policies

• To book you must send a deposit of 30% of the total.
• In case of cancellation, with a minimum notice of 15 days, you will be reimbursed the amount advanced (less the cost of the transfer) or you can use it during a subsequent stay.
• With a notice of less than fifteen days but more than one week, 50% will be retained (the remaining 50% will be returned or recovered); in case of notice of less than seven days it will not be returned nor will it be possible to recover it.
• Please notify when the transfer is made or send the accountant of the transaction.
• You also pay for the nights booked and not used for early departure.
• If the number of guests at check-in will be less than the number booked, the amount due will still be the one specified in the reservation.
• For bookings made through portals, the policies specified on the individual sites apply.