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There is a place

WHERE the air is finer, the lighter blue, the greener green.
WHERE spruce and larch forests blend with endless pastures, paradise for marmots, deer, chamois and roe deer; shelter for squirrels, cedar and eagles.
WHERE grow wonderful and incredible flowers, from the lily of the marent to the gentian, from the alpine star to the drosera, a peatland carnivorous plant.
WHERE history has left indelible signs, from rock carvings of the Val d'Assa to the Village of Bostel, to the culture of the ancient Cimbri.
WHERE the names of places talk to us and stoan platten, the great stone bricks, embroider lawns.
WHERE, from 1310 to 1807, one of the first democratic governments in history, with the Spectacular Regency of the Seven Communes.
WHERE the First World War devastated everything, devastating lands, fields and forests, forcing the population to escape to the plain.
WHERE the same people wanted to come back and know how to get started.
WHERE still the perpetuation of the exchange between man and nature is continued, with the production of cheese, honey and herbal distillates, and the collection of mushrooms and berries.
WHERE you can find more than 500 miles of cross-country skiing trails that in the summer turn into the largest and most complete mountain biking trail.
WHERE hiking, hiking and horse riding still have the flavor of the adventure, bringing you to discover new corners.
WHERE "national sports" are cross country skiing, alpine skiing, ice hockey, fast skating.
WHERE is there an 18 hole golf course among the best in Europe.
WHERE you can walk through the impressive Calà del Sasso, with its 4444 steps, one of the longest staircases in the world, built in limestone from 1388 to 1392.
WHERE the sky is clear and the stars and the whole universe, with their own eyes, lying on grass or snow, or with the four telescopes of the main Astrophysical Observatory of Italy, are observed.
WHERE still the Gnomes, the Folletti and the Fairies still live, spying hidden in their dances by playing jokes and burles, always present in the ancient local legends.
WHERE once the gods lived, on Altaburg and Twelve Peaks, on Mount Katz and in the Frenzela Valley.
And WHERE, maybe the gods are still there ...